AfterShock-CEM is a Crisis and Emergency Management firm based in Karachi, Pakistan. We provide consultancy to any range of client, whether families trying to prepare for a disaster or schools, hospitals and businesses trying to prevent losses incurred during a disaster. Services start with an in-depth analysis of imminent risks and hazards and expand to preparation, prevention, response and recovery phases of the crises & emergencies.

Khan, Founder and Chief Consultant of AfterShock-CEM has over 12 years experience in Military, Law Enforcement, State and Federal Governments, Air Crash Rescue and Crisis Risk Management.

To connect with AfterShock-CEM, send us a message on info@aftershock-cem.com or contact us via Skype: aftershock-cem


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. AOA,
    Here is a letter I wrote to a local newspaper some months ago (I don’t think it was published!). Perhaps you can address some of the concerns raised in it?

    A Rehman

    The ocean surged up and swallowed entire towns in Japan last week. The
    question on many Karachiites’ minds is: how safe is Karachi from a
    tsunami? The answer is not reassuring.

    Karachi sits near the Makran Subduction Zone, which triggered an 8.1
    earthquake and tsunami as recently as 1945. The series of
    early-morning waves killed four thousand people in the region.
    Further, the Indus river delta has been depositing enormous quantities
    of silt into the ocean, creating the risk of a tsunami-generating
    submarine landslide in response to even a small earthquake, or in the
    absence of an earthquake altogether.

    Possible methods of minimizing tsunami damage include:

    Rows of mangrove plantations to absorb wave energy
    Reinforced elevated seawalls
    Sirens from mosques and SMS and other media-transmitted realtime alarms
    Designated areas of high ground for evacuation
    Designated specially designed vertical evacuation buildings along the
    coastline in the absence of high ground
    Enhancing public awareness and conducting regular drills
    Elevation mapping of dha, saddar, lyari, kemari and inundation zone mapping
    Improving both the building codes and their enforcement (almost impossible here)

    Structurally reinforcing schools and conducting regular student drills
    are crucial elements of any tsunami preparedness effort.

    As an ordinary citizen, I ask: who, if anyone, is coordinating such
    efforts, and why have no efforts at public awareness been launched?
    The death toll would have been much higher in Japan if awareness,
    education and preparedness had not been drilled into its citizens from
    an early age.

    • Dear A. Rehman,

      Thank you for your message and the letter you wrote to the papers (that never got published!) – Maybe if you had mentioned how India and other supposed enemies of our beloved state could be behind a possible tsunami, they would have published right away. Thing is, this topic is yet to attract the people of our nation as one that is of great importance and one that should not be ignored, rather explored.

      Your letter seems like you have done some preliminary research into this matter and are concerned and maybe even a little fearful of what may happen when such a disaster strikes, you are right to be.

      As far as answering the concerns go, read my post titled ‘Karachi coastline – is it prepared for a Japan like scenario’ and maybe that would help. If you still want more answers, I would love to help.

      Your last paragraph – there are a few that are working on awareness and training areas but like I said, this concept is so new that most people we go to feel that this is a waste of time – I conducted a survey to which you can see the findings in the same post. This will be a slow change unfortunately but I am committed and as long as we have citizen like you around, I am sure we will get there, hopefully sooner than later.

      Stay Well – Stay Safe!

      N Khan
      Founder | Chief Consultant

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  6. Good Luck for Further Work 🙂
    Stay Blessed

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