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This is a two-day personal safety and security course, suitable for anyone working in or traveling through a hostile environment including professionals from the fields of news/media, development, oil and gas and telecom sectors.

This course teaches your staff about the hazards facing them in (remote) hostile environments, how to minimize their vulnerability and how to react when a situation takes a turn for the worse. This course could save their lives and your company’s reputation.

Topics to be covered:

Day 1 – 7th October 2013:

• Risks and threats • Personal conflict management • Pre deployment considerations & risk assessments • Vehicle security, IEDs and UXO • First aid and trauma management • Unconscious casualties and head injuries

Day 2 – 8th October 2013:

• Personal security/robbery/car-jacking • Hostage survival, arrests and detentions • Weapons e.g. small arms, artillery, air attacks • Legal and illegal checkpoints • Riots, civil disorder and lethal/non-lethal crowd control measures • Travel health and survival • Fire, carbon monoxide risks and trauma care

Days 1 and 2 will be a mix of classroom-based theoretical sessions and practical simulation exercises to demonstrate and practice lessons taught in the classroom.

For further information please write to us on trainings@aftershock-cem.com or click on the link below to register for this course:


Last date to register: 22nd September 2013