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For most of us living in a high risk environment such as Pakistan, security has become a term we have gotten very used to, without realizing what security really is. It’s not about any one or two products, systems or services, it’s not about having armed guards or CCTV cameras, it’s about taking important preventative measures to avoid situations where we no longer have control over our own safety and well-being. 

AfterShock-CEM has recently joined hands with BoloBhi (Urdu for ‘Speak Up’), a non-profit Imageorganization that is geared towards advocacy, policy and research in the areas of gender rights, government transparency, legislation, Internet freedom, digital security, privacy and empowerment. 

Together, we are initiating a series of safety and security awareness Blogs and live chats, starting early February 2013 where we will not only post information that you can use, share and learn from; we will give you the chance to hold interactive dialogue with our team and ask questions that you want answered. Our first two topics which were rated the highest preference after a series of polls, will be safety and security on the road; to include vehicle fitness and safety, planning and managing your daily road-trips, keeping sensitive information about your trips private, what hazards to watch out for while outside and what to do in case something goes wrong. 

If you follow any one of us on Twitter under @AfterShockCEM or @BoloBhiSafety, you will know that we are always giving out real-time crime and traffic alerts, important safety and security tips and sharing good resources on the topic with our followers. In case you’re not part of this chain, sign up and follow us so you too can take advantage of this. 

Starting tomorrow we will start publishing short posts that will eventually all lead up to our live interactive chat. If you’re not already subscribed to one of the three Blogs, do it now so that you are informed when new posts are published and the date(s) and time(s) for the live session are announced. You can also send us an email on survivepakistan@aftershock-cem.com and let us know if there is anything specific you would like us to talk about on here.

From all of us here at Survive Pakistan – stay safe!