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We will be holding an exciting, intense training program which aims at preparing civilians to recognise and avoid potential threats of living and working in hostile or uncertain locations. This training will equip you with the necessary skills to plan your field operations for high risk areas, and confidence to respond effectively to incidents as they occur.

You will learn everything from initial pre-departure requirements including medical, security and travel advice along with cultural and country specific awareness, self defense, tactical firearms and driving, etc.

Who should attend?

Anyone working/traveling in hostile or uncertain areas of the world. Training is suited for journalists, field reporters, investigators, expatriate staff, NGO field staff or for Security Managers responsible for high risk operations in the field.

Course Outline:

  • Pakistan political and cultural briefings
  • Personal security and safety
  • Situational awareness
  • Pre travel, journey planning and management
  • Field Emergency First Aid
  • GPS & basic navigation
  • Vehicle security (avoidance of car jacking techniques)
  • Emergency equipment
  • Incident reaction (team composure)
  • Accommodation security (temporary safe houses, residential and commercial)
  • Abduction/kidnap avoidance techniques
  • Self defense (defensive stance, take-downs, protecting sensitive body parts, etc)
  • Surveillance detection and avoidance techniques
  • Weapons recognition, safety and basic handling/shooting
  • Improvised Explosive Device awareness (unexploded ordinance/VBIED education);
  • Conflict negotiation and resolution
  • Environmental health considerations (selection of food, water and medical sources)
  • Hostile area survival skills
  • Hostage survival
  • Working with different security personnel (ethnic, political and religious considerations)
  • Tactical field driving (must hold valid Pakistan government issued/International driver’s license)

Course Duration: This intense training will be 12 hours long with two and half hours of breaks. Part of this Training will be covered during night time for simulated after-hours threats.

Course Location: Training will be held at a private facility in Karachi, Pakistan. All field simulated activities will be conducted on site in a secured environment. Transportation to and from training venue will be available from one pick up point. For participants coming from out of city/country, discounted room rates will be available at a renowned hotel adjacent to the Karachi airport.

Course Cost: This 12 hours intensive training costs Rs. 30,000 (plus GST) per person. Group discounts of three or more persons are available at 15%. Cost includes training, refreshments, pick & drop from pre-appointed location, certificates and training manuals. Hotel/Air Travel is NOT included.

Please call +92-341-2020-359 or email: trainings@aftershock-cem.com for additional information. Register online: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/P5R3SC9